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Real estate investing has been a proven, effective way to build wealth for centuries. While not everyone becomes, or even wants to become, a Donald Trump, investing in real estate over time can help build wealth and income for almost everyone. Real estate investments can help you attain your personal and family financial needs through a combination of asset appreciation and income generation, as well as potential tax benefits. Of perhaps greater importance, building a small portfolio of income producing properties can help individuals:

  • Prepare for retirement
  • Save for college tuition
  • Build a rainy-day nest egg
  • Supplement earned salary income
  • Diversify investments away from equities
  • Enjoy tax advantages
  • Build a hedge against inflation
  • Pass down hard-assets to heirs
  • Provide housing to individuals and families
  • Participate in the revitalization of urban areas

Why Maryland

Successful investors conduct research into the many facets of their investments. For real estate, “location, location, location” is the mantra followed by many. This phrase best captures the importance of choosing the “right” country, region, state, city and specific property for evaluation and potential investment.

The US economy has a deservedly strong reputation as a powerful economic, job creation and investment “play” for global investors seeking returns and a risk level to complement those available in their home country. Whether as a “safe-harbor” or return-oriented strategy, the US continues to attract people, capital and attention as a “land of opportunity.”

Located in the United States, within the famed North Eastern Corridor that stretches from Boston to Washington, DC, lays the state of Maryland. Since its founding, the state has leveraged its location, beautiful geography, citizens and infrastructure to become a force for immigrants and investors alike.

Located just north of Washington, DC, and bordered by the states of Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia, Maryland entered the Union in 1788 as the 7th state admitted. Maryland currently has a population of almost 5.8 million people, populating a land mass of 9,844 square miles, with 7,719 miles of shoreline (4,600 along the world famous Chesapeake Bay). Maryland’s diverse geography also includes mountainous rural areas (highest point 3,360 feet) and beautiful beaches and resorts along the Atlantic Ocean.

Anchored by its largest city, Baltimore (population of approximately 620 thousand individuals), as well as the technology- and services- focused Howard and Montgomery counties, Maryland also enjoys the job and investment opportunities afforded by its proximity to Washington DC.

Maryland enjoys special notoriety for its industry concentrations in aerospace and defense, education and research, health and life sciences, financial and professional services and information and technology.

It’s diverse and strong business and tax base have led to the following key accomplishments:

  • Top five states in the USA for economic growth, job creation and innovation (US Camber)
  • One of the next states…best positioned to grow, create jobs, and prosper in the coming five years (US Chamber)
  • AAA bond rating (Standard and Poor’s, Moody’s, Fitch)
  • Gross state product of $295,304,000, ranking 15th (
  • #1 state education system (Economic Alliance)
  • #2 US hospital (Economic Alliance)
  • #1 up-and-coming university (Economic Alliance)
  • Median household income of $70,647 versus US average of $51,914 (US Census Bureau)
  • Per-capita money income of $34,849 versus US average of 27,334 (US Census Bureau)

Maryland has a long history and what appears to be a very strong future for its citizens, businesses and investors

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